Hoa Son Fingerling Farm


Add:     Van Khanh Ward, Van Ninh District – Khanh Hoa Province – Viet Nam
Tel:     +84 258 3743296
Fax:     +84 258 3743358
Email:     info@carophi.vn
Website:    www.carophi.vn

  • Being formed by Dragon Waves frozen food factory Co., Ltd.
  • Getting the group of experienced fish raising and quality control engineer who was trained professionally.
  • Producing the unisexual tilapia fingerling at high quality. Quality controling follows the GlobalG.A.P international standard.
  • The fingerling are pruduced without using hormone.
  • The capacity is about 20 milions fingerling units each year.
  • Supplying the fingerling to other farms and farmers across the country and  towards exporting.