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About us

Hai Vuong Group is currently the largest processor and exporter of Tuna and pelagic fish products in Vietnam. 
In a year we export over 60,000MT of finished seafood products, including 50,000MT of tuna and pelagic fish products, to more than 50 countries & territories around the world.
In terms of capacity, our Group can process over 110,000MT of seafood, including almost 85,000MT of tuna and pelagic fish a year.
The Group’s main activities include processing, trading, marketing, and exporting products to many countries and territories worldwide, of which Europe, Americas, Asia, Middle-East & other countries. Our annual sales amounts up to US$310M, including US$280M for tuna and pelagic products.
We import 90% of the raw materials from various sources globally, from both long line vessels and purse seine vessels in Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Fiji, Spain, etc., which are then treated and processed through to finished products with high added value. Therefore we create a broad value chain for our products, which is expected to further expand in the near future.
The management commits to supplying frozen fish products of highest quality to all international customers. This is accomplished by using raw materials directly frozen on fishing vessels equipped with deep-freezing facilities, thus eliminating any possible decomposition. In addition, we make sure all purchases of raw materials are made from reliable sources, taking into consideration the need for processing raw material in the safest manner.
Hai Vuong Group has a total staff of around 3,000 loyal and dedicated people, including 2,500 factory workers.