Protection Status

Certificate of Quality

With more than 17 years' experience in the tuna/seafood industry, Hai Vuong Group has successfully built good reputation in both international and local business areas. To that aim, we have completed establishing and implementing various food safety management systems including HACCP, BRC, IFS, USDC, HALAL, GLOBAL G.A.P.... for each of the factories. Below are the key milestones:
- "Certificate of compliance with food safety regulation on fisheries businees operation" for HaiVuong, Dragonwaves, Nha Trang Bay, annually audited and renewed.
- "HACCP Certificate" for Hai Vuong (1997), Dragonwaves (2004).
- EU Code: Hai Vuong (DL318), Dragonwaves (DL314), Nha Trang Bay (DL 620).
- "BRC Certificate" for Dragonwaves (from 2006), renewed annually.
- "ISO 17025:2005" for Dragonwaves Laboratory (from 2008), renewed annually.
- "Dolphin safe" accredited by Earth Island Institute for Dragonwaves (2008), renewed annually.
- "USDC Certificate" for HaiVuong, Dragonwaves (from 2010), renewed annually.
- "IFS Certificate" for Nha Trang Bay.
- "Halal Certificate" for Dragonwaves (2014).
- "Global G.A.P Certificate" for Hoa Son Tilapia Farm - Dragonwaves (2014).
- "Halal Certificate" for Tuna Vietnam (2016).