Protection Status

Quality Policy

As a seafood company specializing in processing and trading frozen products, Hai Vuong Group defines that: “All for quality to meet customers’ reasonable requirements, to comply with food laws, to continuously improve the living standards for employees, to provide products of good-quality, food safety, environment friendly and sustainable”

To implement the above policies, Hai Vuong Group will:
1. Always listen and promptly respond to satisfy the reasonable requirements of customers. Continuously improve quality, diversify product, expand market, and get the tastes of consumers;
2. Always supply seafoods with good quality, safety, legality and comply with the requirements and regulations of importing countries;
3. Make sure quality and safety of products in accordance with export standards and comply with regulations of hygiene and food safety;
4. Train the management board and all of personel to enhance qualifications, skills and management capacities to perform their job perfectly, They must clearly understand that meeting the highest requirement plays an key role in the success of the company;
5. Use all resources to establish, implement, maintain and improve the quality management system to meet standards (such as HACCP, IFS, BRC, HALAL, etc.), to ensure the systems work efficiency to meet quality targets of food safety and satisfy customers’ requirements;
6. Build up prestige and ethics in business and consistent that “The reputation and ethics are the foundation of our prosperity";
7. Take care of employees’ standard of living, increase their income, improve their material and spiritual life;
8. Comply with regulations and law on the environmental protection, and participate in domestic and international organizations for sustainable development.
The management board ensures that the company policy has been well informed to all employees, and deployed to each of department’s specific objectives, responsibilities and achievement schedules, and taken into effect. 
The company policies have been continuously reviewed and improved.